FAQ General

  • I’m new to NFTs and don’t have a wallet, how can I play? 
    All you need is a wallet to connect and play. You can watch this short video on how to download a Metamask wallet. Once you have your wallet, simply click the Connect button on the Mint page from the same browser. 

    When I Save & Mint my bracket what happens? 
    When you save and mint your bracket, you are minting your bracket as an NFT. It becomes an NFT (ERC-721) living on the Polygon network, stored on IPFS. You can view your bracket NFT on OpenSea, by clicking on the link provided on the Degen Leaderboard

    Can I buy and sell bracket NFTs? 
    Yes! You can buy brackets to improve your chance of winning. You can also try to sell your bracket. Check out the Degen Leaderboard to see how brackets are performing and simply click on the OpenSea logo in the rightmost column to make an offer. You can also view all the brackets to bid on by going straight to the collection on OpenSea.

    What do the winners of the Degen Bracket Challenge receive? 
    Entrants are competing for a prize pool of NFTs donated by partners of the Degen Bracket Challenge. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will win. You can view the prize wallets using the links immediately below. The prize wallets will continue to accept donations throughout the tournament, and so you can expect to see changes over time. 

    First place.

    Second place.

    Third place

    Who created the Degen Bracket Challenge? 
    Knights of Degen

    Where is my Degen Bracket NFT on OpenSea?
    When your minted bracket arrives in your OpenSea profile, it may automatically deliver to your “hidden” tab. Check your “hidden” tab, and then click to “unhide” your bracket which will move it to your main profile page. All minted Degen Brackets can be found here. Please be sure the NFT you are unhiding matches our contract address: 0xdfb75fdd0cf882942f2271992c1208b1c1135388
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How is the Degen Bracket Supporting Ukraine?

100% of proceeds from secondary sales will be donated to a Ukraine Relief Fund.

Further, all entrants are encouraged to donate upon submitting a bracket.

All donations and royalties will be collected in the wallet DegenBracketDonations.eth 0xd1aE4aF39262584a57B5B94058f86ac4AfBc4944.

At the close of the tournament the proceeds will be sent to the Ukraine Fund.

Scoring and Rules

Scoring System
Round 1 (Round of 64): 10 points per correct Game pick
Round 2 (Round of 32): 20 points per correct Game pick
Round 3 (Round of 16): 40 points per correct Game pick
Round 4 (Round of 8): 80 points per correct Game pick
Round 5 (Round of 4): 160 points per correct Game pick
Round 6 (Championship game): 320 points per correct Game pick

What if there's a tie?
#1 - Closest score prediction for Championship Game.
#2 - Highest number of points scored in each round, starting with round 6, then round 5, all the way through round 1.
#3 - The entrant whose entry was recorded in the system the earliest.

How many entries per person?
Entrants may create up to 2 brackets per wallet. All submissions will be reviewed for botting and disqualified if botting is detected.

Is there protection against bots?
Yes, there are preventive measures in place to detect user deduplication.